Parts of speech: Verb Exercises


Write T for true and F for false. There are ten questions. Once you complete click on "Check all answers" to see the correct answers. You can also use "Check" button after every question.

1. Verb is action. True

2. Verb has 3 forms. False

3. Auxiliaries are not verbs. False

4. Modal operators are verbs. True

5. Auxiliaries and operators are different things. False

6. 3rd person singular form is with –s or –es at the end of the verb. True

7. Present Participle indicates continuation of verbal action. True

8. Past Participle indicates completion of verbal action. True

9. “Shall” is modal operator. True

10. “Can” is operator. False



5 Correct answers: Poor
7 Correct answers: Good
10. Correct answers: Excellent

If you are Good or Excellent then go on to next chapter.

If you are Poor go to the Verb page and read and practice it again.

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