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voices introduction

voices introduction


Active voice: He always creates problems.
Passive voice: Problems are always created by him.

Active voice: She taught us English.
Passive voice: We were taught English by her.

Active voice: They made a bad mistake.
Passive voice: A bad mistake was made by them.



voices introduction

voices introduction

voices introduction

He reads an interesting novel. (present indefinite)
An interesting novel is read by him. (auxiliary of present continuous is)

You troubled us. (past indefinite)
We were troubled by you. (auxiliary of past continuous was)

We shall give you surprise. (future indefinite)
You will be given surprise by us. (auxiliary of future continuous will be.)




voices introduction


He is chasing you. (present continuous)
You are being chased by him.

She was knocking at the door. (past continuous)
The door was being knocked at by her.



voices introduction


He has learnt French in a month. (present perfect)
French has been learnt by him in a month.

They hadn’t attended the church this Sunday. (past perfect)
The church hadn’t been attended by them this Sunday.

Brown will have bought a new car. (future perfect)
A new car will have been bought by Brown.


voices introduction


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