Active Passive voice: Interrogative Sentences (Urdu)

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voice interrogative sentences

Are you coming?
Have you finished your job?
Does he call me?

voice interrogative sentences


Active voice: When are you giving us the party?
Passive voice: When the party is being given to us by you?

Active voice: Where had he taken you?
Passive voice: Where you had been taken by him?

Active voice: Are you speaking to me?
Passive voice: Am I being spoken to by you?

voice interrogative sentences

voice interrogative sentences

voice interrogative sentences


Who knocks at the door? (Present Indefinite tense)
By whom the door is knocked at?

Who wrote this letter? (Past Indefinite tense)
By whom this letter was written?

Who will call him? (Future Indefinite tense)
By whom he will be called?

Who is doing this? (Present Continuous tense)
By whom this is being done?

Who was delivering messages? (Past Continuous tense)
By whom messages were being delivered?

Who will have worn this dress? (Future Perfect tense)
By whom this dress will have been worn?

Who has opened the door? (Present Perfect tense)
By whom the door has been opened?

Who had driven the car? (Past Perfect tense)
By whom the car had been driven?

Who will have served the purpose? (Future Perfect tense)
By whom the purpose will have been served?

Who was not answering this very simple question?
By whom this very simple question was not being answered?

Who hasn’t understood my lecture?
By whom my lecture hasn’t been understood?

Who will not complete the task?
By whom the task will not be completed?

Who didn’t arrange the expenses?
By whom the expenses were not arranged?

Who was not enjoying the school trip?
By whom the school trip was not being enjoyed?


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