Active Passive voice: Imperative Sentences Exercises


Choose the right option in the following MCQs. After completing the exercise click on "Check all answers" to know the right answers with assessment.

1. Give me a glass of water.


Let the glass of water given to me.
Let the glass of water be given to me.
The glass of water given to me.

2. Respect you parents always.

Let your parents be always respected.
Let your parents always respected.
Let your parents always be respected.

3. Dont play cricket.

Let cricket be played not.
Let not cricket be played.
Let cricket not be played.

4. Ask him to come.

Let him be asked to come.
Let him asked to come.
Let him to to come be aske.

5. Dont climb on the tree.

Let on the tree dont be climbed.
Let not be climed on the tree.
Let on the tree not climbed.

6. Bring him a chair.

Let a chair brought for him.
Let for him a chair be brought.
Let a chair be brought for him.

7. Dont make noise in the class.

Let noise not be made in the class.
Let in the class noise not be made .
Let noise not made in the class.

8. Ask him.

Let him ask.
Let be asked to him.
Let him be asked.

9. Solve this problem.

Let this problem be solved.
Let this problem solved.
Let solved this problem.

10. Meet my friend.

Let my friend met
Let my friend be met.
Let met my friend.



Now see for yourself which questions you have wrongly answered
5 Correct answers: Poor
7 Correct answers: Good
10. Correct answers: Excellent

If you are Good or Excellent then go on to next chapter, Otherwise you are advised to repeat the same chapter

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