is a learning web portal for the students of English language. The site aims at imparting a good user experience by providing a congenial learning atmosphere to the all users. Below is the complete introduction of the site.

The broader divisions

The broader divisions of the site are as follows.

Some other concepts

In the portion of grammar we made every effort to build the site from the scratch by giving stepwise information right from the basics to higher level. This portion has the following lessons.

Parts of speech
Active and passive voices
Direct and indirect narrations

In vocabulary section we focused on vocabulary building skills so that the users may be given a very sound source to enhance his / her vocabulary. There are some time-tested methods by which the users will feel at home in building their vocabulary with the help of some practical exercises. The section comprises upon the following.

Exercises to understand meanings in context.
Exercises on Greek and Latin roots in English.
Exercises how to guess meanings in context in stories and essays.

Syntax section carries the lessons with exercises about phrase, clause and sentence, like;

Lesson about phrases
Structure of kernel clauses
Function and types of clauses
Sentences kinds and functions

The fourth section of the site is to help out users in order to acquire a good and acceptable pronunciation of English language. The following lessons are included in this section;

Pronunciation guide about consonants.
Pronunciation guide about vowels.
Pronunciation guide about other factors, like; stressed and unstressed syllables and number of syllables in a word.

The last portion of the site is about some other concepts, like;


Visa information gateway

Visa information gateway is the portion of that is focused on the information about visa of maximum countries that Pakistanis long to know about and the immigration laws of the countries. The visa information gateway is the provides facilities to get to know about the entire procedure of obtaining all kinds of visa that may be for scholarships, work and business, family visit and immigration.

How to make a website: Online open diploma course

How to make a website is online open diploma course we have introduced only recently and the significance of this diploma course is that it is both in English and Urdu languages along with video lesson.

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